February 9, 2007

Partnership with Isla Earth Radio Series

ActionBioscience.org is now a content partner for the Isla Earth Radio Series. Select articles on ActionBioscience.org will provide content to the series, sometimes as summaries, citation, or reference. A link will be provided on the Isla Earth website to the selected article on ActionBioscience.org so that listeners of the program can learn more about a topic.

The Isla Earth series consists of 90-second, science-based programs covering topics and issues on the environment and conservation. Visitors can download or listen online. The radio series is a project of the Catalina Island Conservancy, California. The project’s mission is to increase ecological awareness, deepen understanding, and encourage environmentally sustainable choices.

The programs are available for free to radio broadcasters. Isla Earth lists carriage stations on their website and promotes its carriage stations through its monthly e-Digest, an online newsletter that is distributed to a growing list of subscribers.