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Well the zines are here! According to Andy Yang, the YoS friend behind the Small Science Collective, more than 250 of your zines have arrived at his office at the Art Institute of Chicago. The task before him - to sort the zines according to the themed-categories and coordinate the judging with his students and colleagues at the Field Museum - has commenced!

He says that the submissions are awesome; we can't wait to share the winning zines with our sponsors and prize contributors. Thanks again to Shodor and Understanding Science for providing the cash prizes!! (It is not too late to give a prize if your organization is interested!)

The winners will be announced on February 15th and prize distribution will begin at that time, so check back next February to see the winning zines!! If you are a winner you will be notified by email.

As we prepare for the conclusion of Year of Science 2009 we have been reviewing the feedback we received through the Two Questions survey and I found this wonderful comment that pertained to the zine contest. I wanted to share it because it really speaks to the reason we love the zine contest - for its utility as a teaching mechanism and how it can be such a great way to connect the public to science in a fun and interesting way. I hope you enjoy the comment too!

I liked the zine contest idea. I tried it with my multi-age classroom (grades 2-5). They did some research on "Earth Sciences", one of your monthly themes, also related to our Learning Expedition theme at the time. They had such a great time with the project. Unfortunately they were unable to do more than four frames, but they worked on regular size paper and we reduced their images on the copier. We handed them out to parents and at a local cafe, where my husband is a chef. He told me everybody wanted to know more about them and if they could take the zines home. I think this is a great way to promote science and get people excited about all the facets of scientific awareness and discovery.

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